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Fly fishing in Tasmania with experienced trout fishing guide Mike Tenner will get your blood racing as you face off against wily Tasmanian trout and salmon.

Mike has been successfully teaching the art of fly fishing in Tasmania for over 30 years.

Introduction to Fly Fishing Classes

Introductory fly fishing classes offer comprehensive instruction in essential fly fishing skills.

Mike’s technique is designed to give you the confidence as well as the skills to cast a fly comfortably and accurately. You will complete the class ready to experience the joy of frustration-free Tasmanian fly fishing.

As a complete novice at fly fishing, I was unsure how much I could get out of just one lesson with Mike Tenner, but by mid-morning, the day was already exciting and really fun.

I found it so easy to learn from Mike’s careful instructions and observations and by the end of the day I had caught a handful of fish! 

Phil B.

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