Fly Casting Tuition


Our one-day fly fishing class runs from 9 am to 5 pm. In the morning you practice land casting then off to the water to apply what you have learned.

The following are included in our introductory class:

  • Fly casting
  • Fly choice & entomology
  • Equipment overview
  • Knot tying
  • Catch & release techniques
  • Safety

The Basics of Fly Fishing are easier than you think!
Learn the Fundamentals that will give you a solid foundation with professional Fly Caster  and Guide Mike Tenner on

  • Equipment
  • Rods, Line, & Reels
  • Leaders & Tippets
  • Waders & Boots
  • Knots, Vests & Accessories
  • Basics of Fly Casting
  • The basics of Fly Casting that will give you Techniques for a lifetime Of Fly Fishing Fun & Success
  • On the Water Strategies
  • What a Trout sees, feels, & hears
  • Reading the water- were the trout are hiding
  • Different parts of trout streams
  • Fishing ponds , lakes & Rivers
  • What do Trout eat & What Fly to use
  • Mayflies, Caddies & Stoneflies, ETC

Rod & Fly has access to a private trout fishery in the picture-perfect Huon Valley on the edge of the Southwest Conservation area. The fishery, a one-hour drive from Hobart, offers prime Tasmanian trout fishing for both beginners and those with experience.

Rainbow trout and brown trout inhabit a series of lakes – from small to over two hectares. The fish vary in size from 1kg to over 4kg The fishery is spring-fed.

The fishery is an ideal setting to test newly learnt skills and casting techniques, so that when you are challenged by a slurping brown trout in the wild, you will have the confidence to make that perfect cast.

Book online or by telephone. Check our price list.

Mike's Happy Cu...
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Hi Mike,

We just went through the pictures you sent us and all were having a good laugh. We all want to thank you for your expertise and a great lunch and a fun day. Kerrie and I arrived home this morning by ship to find many trees down from storm damage during the night, quite a wild night,it was a little rough coming home but nothing like what we saw this morning. Any how Mike take care of your self and regards to your wife Jackie.