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Fly Fishing gift vouchers are perfect for Christmas, a birthday, special occasion or corporate gift. What a great reward for a deserving employee, business associate, or that important client.

Impress your spouse or partner by giving them a Fly Fishing gift voucher – you will be giving them a memorable experience and a complete escape from their busy daily life, and they don’t need to be an experienced fly fisher.

Introducing your teenage son or daughter to the art of fly fishing is an invaluable gift they can go on enjoying their whole life.

You can give someone a Gift Voucher for either a course, trip or something from the shop, It makes a great present. It's easy - just call Mike and make the payment for the amount you would like to spend on a Gift Voucher we then  mail it  to you or to another person

You can now buy your Gift Voucher in our fly fishing store, a great idea whatever the occasion. You can select a voucher for a workshop or for a certain value which can be used to purchase a trip or equipment from the shop.

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Mike's Happy Cu...
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Dear Mike,

Well the good news is that Clare and I stopped off at Brumbys on Sunday and both of us thought that our casting had improved considerably. Clare in particular felt that she was in control and that she was casting further with more accuracy and less fuss.

We both really enjoyed last Thursday. We really appreciated the patient way that you talked us through everything from getting the best out of our equipment to releasing fish. While it is always a fabulous moment when you see a fish take a fly, it is just as informative to see a refusal.

What was special was having an expert commentary all the way through the process. We learnt so much in one day and had great fun, we would like to get back in touch. A day on Meadowbank or Bronte is a tempting prospect.

Cheers, Hamish